The "final word" – Death of Core Competency, plus Jonathan King returns to TO!

When I published The Death of Core Competency: A management guide to cloud computing and the zero-friction future, I worked with CenturyLink to create a four-part presentation series walking through the four main sections of the book. The first presentation, focusing on the management implications of cloud, was integrated with the book launch last November. The second session looked at “12 Steps to the Cloud” – the central section in the book – and the third examined some of the issues involved with key cloud adoption activities like planning, security, and integration.

Front cover final - 300 wide - jpgOn June 24, I’m delivering the final Death of Core Competency presentation. This one will look at “building bridges to the zero-friction future,” and will include some of the high-priority steps that will connect IT management with the core of the executive suite. I’ll be able to incorporate feedback from a TechConnex peer group session debate on the priority of some of the key issues in cloud adoption and evolution for companies, IT leaders and non-management business staff. I’ll also add some input from the Toronto Cloud Business Coalition, which was launched after the book was written. The ideas are applicable to anyone planning cloud strategy, regardless of whether you attended the first three sessions or are new to the Death of Core Competencies concepts.

I’m delighted to announce that my co-presenter at the event will be Jonathan King, global VP of cloud strategy for CenturyLink. The initial ideas that grew into the book – especially, the 12 Steps process – started with a session that I did with Jonathan two years ago, and he’s been an important source of insight through our subsequent conversations. Jonathan’s presentation is entitled “Dual Organizationship,” and will examine why companies need to optimize their existing hierarchical structures to drive business agility, and how this will be incorporated “not just [in] planning and predictable results but change management and innovation as well.”

This will be a terrific event! Admission is free, but seating is limited. If you’re interested, please click on this link to obtain more information and register.


Event Title: 5 Stages: From IT Leadership to the Boardroom
Event Sponsor: CenturyLink
Location: Westin Bristol Place Toronto Airport. 950 Dixon Road, Toronto
Date and Time: Wednesday, June 24, 8:00am – 10:30am



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