Summer Scan series: Dr. Ganesh Balasubramanian on computing, human knowledge and the next scientific frontier

The ‘Summer Scan’ series provides data centre community professionals with a summer-weight way of scanning the ideas shaping the industry. Each Summer Scan session contains a video – of a panel debate, a breakout session or one of the Academic Congress presentations delivered by a world-leading expert – that was originally presented at the Great Canadian Data Centre Symposium (GCDCS19) on June 19th-20th at McMaster Innovation Park in Hamilton, Ontario.

In this Summer Scan, we present both the slides and presentation delivered by Dr. Ganesh Balasubramanian, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics, Lehigh University, on the topic of Computing, Human Knowledge and the Next Scientific Frontier.

Presentation slides:

VS3-Computing, Human Knowledge and the Next Scientific Frontier


Presentation video:


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