RSG: Oracle playing catch up with EMC and OpenText for Cloud File Sharing and Sync

InsightaaS: The Real Story Group is “a buyer’s advocate for enterprises looking to invest in content technologies” specializing in independent vendor evaluations. In this post, analyst Apoorv Durga explores the connections between cloud-based file sharing (CFS) and document management technologies, and discusses why Oracle needs to develop a presence allowing in CFS, and highlighting the current leaders in the space.

The more customers I speak to, the more I’m convinced that cloud-based file sharing (CFS) and sync services within enterprises are increasingly getting subsumed with enterprise software from other categories, most notably the Document Management and ECM tool vendors.

To refresh your memory, here’s a sampling of vendors from our research that have something to offer for cloud-based file sharing:

  1. EMC: They acquired Syncplicity
  2. Microsoft: SkyDrive Pro
  3. Nuxeo: Nuxeo Drive
  4. Alfresco: Alfresco Mobile
  5. OpenText: Tempo Box

I have not mentioned Oracle in the list above but they are also working on a cloud-based service called “Oracle Cloud Document Service.” It sounds like it might have something to do with Oracle’s WebCenter Documents platform, but the two are completely different (in fact, this cloud offering is not even a part of WebCenter)…

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