CaaB opens Canadian data center to boosts MSP business opportunities

Cloud as a Business (CaaB) facilitates compliance by offering “local” cloud

CaaB, the cloud-as-a-business leader delivering customizable white-labeled global cloud infrastructure offerings, is helping Canadian managed services providers (MSPs) instantly expand their business opportunities and bottom line with its new data center in Toronto.

The move helps Canadian MSPs offer local customers a more affordable and convenient cloud services option that ensures compliance with Canadian data storage and privacy regulations.

As a partner-focused infrastructure (IaaS) provider, CaaB supports 6,000+ cloud-based businesses by delivering flexible, scalable cloud services that MSPs can custom-tailor to each client’s needs. The service is backed by almost two decades of data center creation, management, and onboarding experience.  It maintains a strong global presence with 13 data centers across North America, Asia, Europe, and Africa/Middle East.

“Partnering with CaaB is a win-win for MSPs and their customers, complementing existing offerings with fully branded cloud services in less than 72 hours,” said Adir Cohen, CEO of CaaB. “MSP customers can accelerate migration to the cloud with a broader range of options, growing or shrinking cloud services based on their exact requirements and significantly reducing monthly bills.”

CaaB’s pricing structure strengthens customer relationships and retention and also helps MSPs earn three to four times the industry standard in profit margins with a residual revenue sharing model.

Additionally, CaaB delivers a fully automated, top-tier cloud management portal; 24/7 live support; ·unlimited cloud bandwidth, traffic and IOPS; customizable backend for business management; simple user interface; many package options; reliability, scalability, and easy implementation; disaster recovery planning capabilities, and other advanced technical features.

“With CaaB’s new data center in Canada, I can now offer my local customers all the advantages of CaaB’s proven success model as well as the very real benefit of having this cloud service option right here at home,” said Shin Lee, CEO & Founder, “My clients can migrate to a ‘local’ cloud, eliminating the additional burden and expense of compliance with international privacy and storage regulations, a great way to extend my company’s business value to them.”

About CaaB

CaaB – Cloud as a Business – allows any managed service provider to instantly expand business opportunities and bottom line with a customizable, white-labeled global cloud infrastructure. MSPs can offer access to CaaB’s 13 data centers across four continents – North America, Asia, Europe, and Africa/Middle East. CaaB has been providing public cloud offerings since 2007 and currently delivers cloud solutions to almost 6,000 partners’ end customers. For more information, please visit


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