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Are passwords really passé?  

Future proofing anything is a monumental challenge in the IT world these days. Identification and authentication are areas that are especially problematic. For every password protocol or biometric innovation, there’s a very real threat of counterattack. The digital identity world is coming out with all sorts of innovations; some are viable, some border on the […]

Colin Wallis, executive director, Kantara Initiative

Jerome Segura, senior security researcher, Malwarebytes

Held for Ransom  

Within the past month, several high-profile attacks have brought an increasingly popular form of malware into the public eye. It’s known as ransomware, and it encrypts the victim’s files, then demands payment for the key to decrypt them. And people are paying – the Cyber Threat Alliance reports that people have paid over $325 million […]

Mobility Phase III – a new take on business productivity  

In today’s work world, productivity is measured by outcome rather than time, and performance, not presence, serves as the better gauge of employee value. And while brick and mortar buildings continue to exist to support some in-office activities, a new distributed workforce model has evolved that relies increasingly on mobile and collaboration technologies that link […]

Shawn Rosemarin, Chief-of Staff, Americas Systems Engineering, VMware

Amir Belkhelladi, cybersecurity practice lead, Deloitte Eastern Canada

The ugly truth about ransomware

Recent media coverage of hospitals attacked by ransomware in Ottawa and Norfolk County has alerted everyone to the inherent dangers – and complexity – of these nefarious attacks, which are increasing at an alarming rate. While cyberattacks receiving the most press in recent years have been focused on stealing information or outright theft, the motivation […]

Blockchain to unleash the Internet of Value

Chris Skinner built a successful career around work with technology companies that serve the financial services community. Fourteen years ago, he went rogue and began to write about the industry in a daily blog – The Finanser – and about its future in books – 14 in fact, over the past decade. Described by a […]

Chris Skinner, author, Fintech