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The shape of “things” to come  

Every January, the Consumer Electronics Show, now simply known as CES, fills virtually every available space in Las Vegas with the latest and greatest new toys. This year, alongside the computers and fancy displays lurked all manner of connected gadgets, members of the “Internet of Things” (IoT). Some made sense, and some fit into the […]

LG rolled TV screen

Vincent Weafer, SVP, McAfee Labs, Intel Security

Serving the common good: intelligence sharing in an era of automation

  Vincent Weafer is a long term veteran of the IT industry and cyber security battleground. A former VP of Symantec’s security response unit, as SVP at McAfee Labs, he now manages a team of four hundred researchers working in 30 countries, as well as millions of sensors around the globe dedicated to helping protect […]

SAS takes analytics into the network

When Dr. James Goodnight and his partners founded the SAS Institute in 1976 after running almost a decade as a successful academic project at North Carolina State University, statistics was a complicated black art to most. SAS software was initially used to analyze the effect soil, weather and seed varieties had on crop yields at […]

James Goonight, CEO, SAS

Chris White, SVP and GM, Intel Security Group

FOCUS 15 trains lens on the Threat Detection Lifecycle

The proliferation of technology – and how we consume it – are having profound effects on our productivity, work styles and service delivery. But these shifts are also having seismic impact on our ability to secure digital transactions. While cloud technologies have increased IT service efficiencies and enabled a workforce revolution, they have also served […]

First world problems

As we become more and more dependent on tech, keeping it powered becomes an increasing issue. I attend a lot of conferences, and masses of people on the hunt for a plug has become a common sight. Co-workers sit on the floor by electrical sockets, guarding their precious devices while they charge. Talk about a […]

Lynn Greiner, freelance IT journalist and regular contributor to InsightaaS.com