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SAS takes analytics into the network  

When Dr. James Goodnight and his partners founded the SAS Institute in 1976 after running almost a decade as a successful academic project at North Carolina State University, statistics was a complicated black art to most. SAS software was initially used to analyze the effect soil, weather and seed varieties had on crop yields at […]

James Goonight, CEO, SAS

Chris White, SVP and GM, Intel Security Group

FOCUS 15 trains lens on the Threat Detection Lifecycle  

The proliferation of technology – and how we consume it – are having profound effects on our productivity, work styles and service delivery. But these shifts are also having seismic impact on our ability to secure digital transactions. While cloud technologies have increased IT service efficiencies and enabled a workforce revolution, they have also served […]

From threat to theatre: CenturyLink and the cloud channel conundrum  

Channel distribution is a relatively new approach for CenturyLink in Canada that is gaining ground with the advance of cloud service delivery. The company is now in the midst of building a team, which is working with direct sales to help develop channel presence through the identification and onboard of new partners. As it goes […]

Bik Dutta, director, alliances and market development, CenturyLink Canada

David Didur, design director, founding partner, Think2Thing

Could 3D printing change enterprise culture and processes?

3D printing started out as a gargantuan technology that took up a larger footprint than most offices could accommodate. In the early iterations, it was the stuff of science fiction, where machines could generate everything from weaponry to human clones. The realities of 3D printing now seem a bit more mundane. Today it is typically […]

VMware keystone in Saskatchewan healthcare cloud  

Background eHealth Saskatchewan is the custodian of electronic health records in the province of Saskatchewan, and manages the record of all interactions that one million residents have with the healthcare system. Information on immunizations, drug prescriptions, clinical encounters, diagnostic imagery and lab testing have been consolidated into one patient record to provide an individualized history […]

Jay Benson, IT architect, eHealth Saskatchewan