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Data modeling puts the intelligence in BI  

“IT as an industry has declared war on data modeling for all the wrong reasons,” said Dr. Rado Kotorov, chief innovation officer and VP global product marketing at Information Builders. “The self-service business intelligent movement declares: ‘Let’s not model data. Let’s just give access to people who know what do with data for one-off analysis.’ […]

Ron Huizenga, senior product manager ER/Studio, Embarcadero Technologies

Roji Oommen, managing director of financial services at CenturyLink Technology Solutions

Balancing the scale: cloud and regulation in the banking world  

Banks have become technology companies. With massive backend infrastructure to address huge transactional data requirements, extensive operational systems, and increasingly sophisticated customer facing online or mobile portals, banks are typically first adopters of advanced technology in many regions. Some have even jettisoned bricks and mortar altogether in favour of all-digital service delivery for retail as […]

Cloud and the SMB manufacturer 2  

InsightaaS: SMB manufacturing is an essential segment in the Canadian economy. In 2014, manufacturing was the largest goods-producing sector in Canada, representing $173 billion in total revenue, and 10.6% of Canada’s GDP. A 2012 research paper from Statistics Canada pegged the SMB share of manufacturing GDP at 43.8% in 2008, up from 38.6% in 2001. […]

Dave Collings

OnHub app

Idiot-proofing the network 1  

Enterprises with proper network infrastructure and the people to manage it, often forget that their mobile users connect from all sorts of less-than-wonderful places. Users may be willing – happy, even – to connect from the couch or hammock to get that extra bit of work done, but by doing so, they may be unwittingly […]

The great communications divide 1  

The saying goes that talk is cheap. But when it comes to managing an IT project, the wrong talk can mean considerable costs and delays. The IT world is rife with acronyms and terminologies that are often meaningless to the non-tech audience. I recently came across a case study in which the developer injected terms […]

Jason Benfield, director of product marketing, Blueprint