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Rogers’ cloud converging mobile and IT

In IT speak, “as-a-Service” has come to stand for ‘instant’ and ‘easy’ – attributes that Rogers stressed in announcing new services aimed at helping Canadian businesses better manage their network and security infrastructure. With Virtual Managed Network Services, WiFi-as-a-Service, and a new Rapid Application Development Platform, the cable company’s Enterprise Business Unit (EBU) is looking […]

Paul Monaghan, director, cloud and managed services, Rogers Enterprise Business Unit

Peter Papadakos, director, decision support, Quinte Health Care

Creating ‘data aware’ culture: Quinte Heath Care 1

Background: Quinte Health Care Corporation is comprised of four geographically dispersed hospitals in Hastings and Prince Edward counties of Ontario, which employ a total of 1,600 people. Each of these institutions serves patient regions featuring different demographic profiles, a point that has become more significant as Quinte strives to align delivery of patient care with […]

Frameworks and culture in Roadmaps to Cloud Success

A book as the source of knowledge in a world of digital communication? Surely not! In fact, not one, but two books served as the inspiration for presentations at the Roadmap to Cloud Success event held in Toronto last week. The third of four sessions in CenturyLink’s Reset on the Panacea of Cloud breakfast series, […]

David Shacochis, VP, cloud platform, CenturyLInk Technology Solutions

Craig McLellan, CEO, ThinkOn Inc.

Cloud ‘recipes’ to drive distribution

A half decade back, ‘cloud’ loomed as a dark menace over the channel community: large cloud vendors would either sidestep the ‘trusted advisor’ in favour of a direct relationship with the end customer, or channel members would fall prey to a desperate ‘survival of the fittest’ selection that would winnow out all but the few […]