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Mobility Phase III – a new take on business productivity

In today’s work world, productivity is measured by outcome rather than time, and performance, not presence, serves as the better gauge of employee value. And while brick and mortar buildings continue to exist to support some in-office activities, a new distributed workforce model has evolved that relies increasingly on mobile and collaboration technologies that link […]

Shawn Rosemarin, Chief-of-Staff, Americas Systems Engineering, VMware

Lynn Greiner, freelance IT journalist and regular contributor to InsightaaS

The slow death of Flash

For as long as most of us can remember, Adobe Flash has been generating ads and videos on websites and mobile devices. There are many millions of SWF (Shockwave) files lurking on systems and websites worldwide, and enterprise developers use the product to author content for corporate websites. The trouble is, Flash has also been […]

HP grows Pro Sprout

What looks rather like a flat screen TV set with a desk lamp grafted on top has the potential to change life for creative professionals – and anyone else with the imagination to figure out interesting things to do with a device that speaks both 2D and 3D. The improbably named HP Sprout Pro, the […]


Neil Bhattacharya, mobile delivery lead, Accenture Digital

Locating IoT in current mobile trends

Mobility is widely viewed as a crucial driver of new productivity. Arming the mobile worker with the tools needed to work anywhere and to connect anytime (or in real time) to company systems serves both worker needs for more flexible work/life balance, and the employer’s interest in optimizing time/resource activities. But what if we substitute […]

Vitamin Y: HP on the road – showing its new side

Context: Since August 2015, HP has been engaged in a division of the company that will be formalized on November 1st through launch of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). With current CEO Meg Whitman at the helm, HPE will manage data centre hardware, software and services sales to the enterprise, while HP Inc. will retain responsibility […]

Charlie Atkinson, VP enterprise group, managing director, HPE Canada