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Wikibon: Understanding Hybrid Cloud Deployment Models

InsightaaS: Wikibon has released an interesting video discussing several different approaches to hybrid computing – one which helps clarify both deployment options and the positioning of various suppliers. The video begins with Wikibon analyst Brian Gracely observing that “hybrid cloud is not a physical thing,” which means that it can be defined and deployed in different […]

Gracely and Miniman

The Storage Economist: Hybrid Cloud Economics

InsightaaS: David Merrill, Chief Economist for HDS (a new InsightaaS sponsor!) writes a regular blog series under the heading “The Storage Economist,” in which he examines the overall financial impact of different storage technologies and storage management strategies. In “Hybrid Cloud Economics,” he examines the difference between “DIY” cloud storage strategies predicated on moving data […]

Hybrid Momentum: a new whitepaper from InsightaaS.com 2

How — and how quickly — will cloud delivery models become an essential part of IT infrastructure, and what should IT management do to manage through the transition from traditional to hybrid environments? InsightaaS.com has published an HP-sponsored whitepaper that combines a long-term forecast of infrastructure spending in Canada with five tactical steps that will […]