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Microsoft underground 2

When we think about Microsoft, all sorts of things come to mind. Word processors, spreadsheets and servers, for example. But wheelchairs? Seriously? If you step into Microsoft’s underground, anything is possible. The company recently gave a small group of journalists a tour of its labs and a chance to chat with researchers to offer a […]

Lynn Greiner, freelance IT journalist and regular contributor to InsightaaS

Brian Ochab, cloud practice leader, Unity Collected Solutions

Unity delivers cloud-based VoIP/Unified Communications

Established in 2004, Unity Connected Solutions is a Newmarket-based provider of on-premise and cloud-based unified communications solutions. Its customer base of 3,500 ranges from SMBs to large enterprises, the bulk of which fall into mid-size market category. Unity’s three pillars and mission statement are to help customers connect, communicate and collaborate. Unity started as a […]

451 Cloud Price Index finds big saving in multi-vendor sourcing

An abundance of assumptions have appeared in the discourse around public cloud procurement – that public cloud is always cheaper than private deployments, that cloud services are essentially an undifferentiated commodity purchase, that migration to public cloud is a simple process, or that the best deal can be found by sourcing from the market leading, […]

Owen Rogers, research director, 451 Research Digital Economics Unit

Charlie Atkinson, VP enterprise group, managing director, HPE Canada

Vitamin Y: HP on the road – showing its new side

Context: Since August 2015, HP has been engaged in a division of the company that will be formalized on November 1st through launch of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). With current CEO Meg Whitman at the helm, HPE will manage data centre hardware, software and services sales to the enterprise, while HP Inc. will retain responsibility […]

Beyond the numbers – tips on building cloud awareness

A web search on cloud adoption rates generates a dazzling array of charts and stats that for years have been telling a familiar story: some links simply aggregate numbers to say the same. And while there is some variation on the theme, i.e. relatively more enterprises are now using public cloud than private cloud infrastructure, […]

Aamir Hussain, EVP and CTO, CenturyLink