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Curious about the trials, tools and techniques in data analytics?

The annual Information Builders Summit is about building community. As company CMO and SVP marketing Michael Corcoran noted in introductory remarks to the keynote assembly at this month’s Orlando event, half of the summit presentations would be delivered by Information Builders (IB) customers, a rare phenomenon at vendor conferences, which demonstrates the value IB places […]

CEO, Information Builders

James Maynard, president and CEO, Wavefront

Wavefront Summit 2015 trains eyes on IoT

The Internet of Things is a moving target that defies tidy description. Essentially a technology-enabled solutions approach to solving problems, IoT is comprised of multiple moving parts that when deployed together can offer new, unimagined levels of service delivery for businesses, citizens and the planet. Popularization of the term – and its application to a […]

When should organizations consider predictive analytics?

Many organizations have been leveraging Business Intelligence (BI) for years and are slowly taking advantage of Big Data platforms to gain access to diverse data and address complex analytical needs. But with increased competition, organizations also require the ability to look ahead as well as back to get the sense of how to improve performance, […]

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Mary Allen, InsightaaS

Data strategy matrix to drive data value

Data is one of those rare birds that crosses the business/IT divide that exists in many organizations: while business managers depend on the insight data can provide to refine product and market tactics, IT can optimize operations based on data generated through monitoring of IT infrastructure and services. For both groups, however, data also represents […]

Achieving Big Data value

Organizations may be leveraging Big Data, but many still struggle with the need to realize value from their initiatives. In the edited interview below, Teradata’s Dan Graham provides some insight into what organizations need to achieve this transition. Dan Graham is well qualified to speak to Big Data opportunity. In the 1980s, he was an […]

Dan Graham, general manager, Enterprise Systems, Teradata Corporation