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451 Research: IoT security M&A, Part 2  

IoT presents a compelling demonstration of fragmentation in emerging markets. While IoT solutions combine a mix of components from multiple vendors across the ICT stack, they frequently attempt to merge technologies from different sides of the IT/OT platform divide – in vertically oriented solutions that seek to solve business problems, rather than upgrade technology capabilities […]

Christian Renaud, research director, Internet of Things, 451 Research


Cloud cost reporting: more than just small change

InsightaaS: Analyst firms play many different roles in the IT industry. Most offer some level of opinion; some offer data, often instead of informed commentary. A select few are able to combine real research with perspective that helps companies to adopt and use leading-edge technologies. 451 Research is part of this select group. 451 the […]

451 Research: ERM Advanced Telematics betting on IoT opportunity beyond traditional telematics

InsightaaS perspective: One of the more intriguing aspects of IoT is the concept’s service as a springboard for conjuring new technology use cases. In a recent report, 451 Researchers Brian Partridge, David Immerman and Christian Renaud have considered the opportunities this kind of visioning offers to existing tech firms – in this case, to ERM […]

Christian Renaud, research director, Internet of Things, 451 Research

David Patrick COLO-D 2

Hydro delivers a DC power boost

La belle province is the new darling of the Canadian data centre industry. Driven by growing appetite for data centre services associated with the digitization of business and daily life, and fueled by demand for local delivery, global operators are setting up shop in Quebec at an impressive rate. While AWS announced this past January […]

451 Cloud Price Index finds big saving in multi-vendor sourcing

An abundance of assumptions have appeared in the discourse around public cloud procurement – that public cloud is always cheaper than private deployments, that cloud services are essentially an undifferentiated commodity purchase, that migration to public cloud is a simple process, or that the best deal can be found by sourcing from the market leading, […]

Owen Rogers, research director, 451 Research Digital Economics Unit