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Conference on Big Data and Informatics Analytics

2017-09-18 - 2017-09-22

The conference will bring together research scientists in both academic institutes and industrial organizations to report progress and address challenges for fundamental research and rapid knowledge translation arising from big data in relation to visualization, information processing, health informatics, and application to emergency simulation and management. This will also be the third annual meeting of the annual conference series previously held in Xian (2015) and Changsha (2016). The conference and its associated international journal aims to build an international network to share experience, examine current status, and assess future challenges. This network will be built on the common core “analytics” of big data and information.

The conference will include a few sessions when we will organize lectures and discussions around a few problem-driven data analytics challenges and progress, where end-users talk about their experience and success of using data analytics in business operation, health data informatics and emergency management and academic researchers share their methodology development. The focus is on building the interdisciplinary collaboration, and building reciprocal linkage between academic research and industrial applications for rapid knowledge generation and translation in a truly bi-directional and iterative fashion (from application to theory and from theory to application).


  • A session on the fundamental theory of big data analytics, and introductory lectures about challenges to basic (computational, mathematical and statistical) science from data visualization and big data applied to emergency simulations and operations.
  • A session on data visualization focusing on bioinformatics, rapid processing of autonomous vehicles for optimal transportation systems, and dynamic data visualization.
  • A session on big data analytics: integration of statistical approaches into dynamical modelling. This session will focus on large complex systems arising in engineering, physics, biology, and epidemiology.
  • An industrial session on big data analytics in action. The session will bring major industrial players to the event. The focus will be implementation and application of big data analytics to business operation and marketing. Senior executives and data scientists from banks, insurance companies, retailers, hospitals, advertising and marketing agencies, data and analytical software/service providers will share their experience and success stories of using big data analytics in their daily practice, particularly operation and customer relationship management, including chronic disease management, trade area analysis, customer insight, predictive modeling for customer acquisition and retention, cluster analysis and implementation of big data analytics for real time classification and decision making.
  • A tutorial, focusing on IBM’s Emergency Operation Centre platform demonstration, and scientific discussions of challenges and opportunities for big data analytics in terms of cloud computing technology and emergency simulation and management.
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Plenary Speakers

Geoffrey Hinton, Google, USA; and Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto, Canada

Igor Jurisica (Data mining and visualization), Senior Scientist and Canada Research Chair in Integrative Cancer Informatics, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, University Health Network, IBM Life Sciences Discovery Centre, Canada

Zhouchen Lin (Machine learning and image processing), Department of Machine Intelligence, Peking University, China

Michael Schull (Health data informatics), President and CEO, Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences, Canada

Zongben Xu (Data science), Institute for Information and System Sciences, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China

Xiaomin Zhu (Cloud and parallel computing, scheduling algorithm), Information Systems and Management, National University of Defense Technology, China


This conference is also supported by the BRAIN ALLIANCE;the NSERC CREATE program in Data Analytics & Visualization;and the NSERC CREATE program in ADERSIM.


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The Fields Institute