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Know thyself, know thy enemy  

Sometimes a new lens can show an age-old problem in a clearer light. At least that’s the thinking behind a new white paper from HP Enterprise (HPE) The Business of Hacking, which puts a new spin on how C-level stakeholders can view the cybercrime community. There is no question that cybercrime has become an enterprise […]

Shogo Cottrell, security strategist, HPE Security, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Jeremy Ballanco, VP, iWay software sales, Information Builders

Information Builders plugs the gap  

Big Data and analytics are, as we keep being told, hot, hot, hot. Trolling through masses of input from as many sources as we can grab will provide all sorts of valuable insights, and help us grow our businesses. But just as numerically illiterate (or maybe sneaky) marketers don’t seem to grasp that 9000% of […]

Hybrid vigour  

When the cloud rose to prominence, as usual pundits promptly declared that it would replace previous technologies. In the IT world, anything new tends to capture the imagination, and instantly becomes the former-tech killer. But as time goes on, people figure out that new is not always the be-all and end-all, and old is not […]

Oliver Schaberberger, VP analytics server research and development, SAS Institute

Chip Freund, director, colocation and data centre product marketing, CenturyLink

Positioning colo in a cloudy future  

A carrot and the stick are accelerating the migration of business servers from on-premise to provider facilities. Driven by high CAPEX and OPEX costs associated with data centre build and maintenance, and attracted by the flexibility offered by colocation services, many organizations are opting to house IT equipment – or to deploy cloud services – […]

Are passwords really passé?  

Future proofing anything is a monumental challenge in the IT world these days. Identification and authentication are areas that are especially problematic. For every password protocol or biometric innovation, there’s a very real threat of counterattack. The digital identity world is coming out with all sorts of innovations; some are viable, some border on the […]

Colin Wallis, executive director, Kantara Initiative