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Nowhere to hide: Nuix Voice speeds audio and video analytics  

Nuix, an information protection and security intelligence provider, has announced its partnership with voice analytics vendor Voci Technologies. Under the terms of the agreement, the two companies will integrate Voci’s V-Discovery engine with the Nuix platform and its products for eDiscovery, investigation, information governance, cybersecurity and intelligence. The service has been dubbed Nuix Voice. The cornerstone […]

Anthony Gadient, president and CEO, Voci Technologies

Kirk Schell, VP product marketing, Dell Client Solutions

Vitamin Y: a Dell cloud – IoT update

Context:  Dell’s acquisition of EMC has cast a long shadow. Since announcement last October of this major milestone in the company’s decade long quest to build an end-to-end solution business, Dell ‘news’ has been consumed by speculation over what a newly merged Dell/EMC business might look like in terms of product, operation and cultural integration, […]

Interac tokens transit to IBM cloud  

There’s a first time for everything, as they say. That’s certainly the case for Interac as it breaks from tradition to bring its latest project to a hybrid cloud model. Driving this decision was the company’s commitment to make mobile payments mainstream. A key element of the initiative is the Interac Token Service Provider (TSP), […]

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Pat Gelsinger, CEO, VMware

Vitamin Y: VMware’s “transition year”

Context: Pat Gelsinger was in town this month on what is emerging as a regular bi-annual tour to talk with major Canadian customers. While in Toronto, the CEO of VMware also took some time to speak with local media about the company’s positioning, products and opportunity at a time of significant transition for the company […]

Augment your reality

Virtual reality (VR) seems to have captured peoples’ imaginations this year. We have Oculus Rift (owned by Facebook) and HTC Vive and other toys to play with. They’re cool, though, and can dump you completely into a virtual world with 360 degree views and changing perspectives, as though you’re (almost) actually there. VR games let […]

Lynn Greiner, freelance IT journalist and regular contributor to InsightaaS