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DCD 2016 dives deeper into cloud  

Conversations at this year’s Datacenter Dynamics Converged/Cloud Symposium shifted from discussion of general trends in cloud deployment to more laser focus on factors that are hindering or accelerating successful adoption. Organized by InsightaaS and the TCBC, the Cloud Symposium was one of three tracks covering diverse topics in cloud, servers and storage, power and cooling […]

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Lynn Greiner, freelance IT journalist and regular contributor to InsightaaS

What exactly is AI?  

We used to think of artificial intelligence (AI) as the stuff of science fiction. And it was often evil, especially in the movies. Remember HAL, the mad sentient computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey? Or Proteus IV from Demon Seed, whose goal was to create a flesh body for itself by forcibly impregnating the wife […]

Plugging in to customer experience  

It wasn’t that long ago that Google Maps became the go to plug-in for business websites. The fact you could “find us” with a mere click of a button revolutionized the customer experience. That initial offering seems like child’s play compared to the features that are available today. Those same maps not only provide locations […]

Ziv Schierau, head of national accounts for Canada, OpenTable


‘Physical spaces’ swell analytics case arsenal

The market for Big Data/Analytics products and services is poised for a dramatic shift up into overdrive. As cloud-based storage prices contract, and new sources of data like IoT and social communications push the boundaries on what information will be collected, stored and analyzed, researchers are predicting significant future opportunity for enabling technologies in the […]

How Linux took over the world

The computing world is never a dull place, and sometimes the most innocuous-seeming things turn into monsters. Consider, for example, the Linux operating system. Twenty-five years ago, a Finnish student named Linus Torvalds sent out an innocuous email telling the community that, as a hobby, he was writing a new, free operating system compliant with […]