Conquering the complexities of hybrid environment configuration management  

In the IT industry, “the future is hybrid” is one of the few declarations that draws nearly-unanimous support. Research, including an InsightaaS survey of Canadian businesses showing that companies of all sizes are expanding the number of platforms that they use and their connections between on-premise and cloud environments, demonstrates the trend towards hybrid at […]

Drawing Idea Pencil And Light Bulb Concept Creative And Leadersh

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Interac tokens transit to IBM cloud  

There’s a first time for everything, as they say. That’s certainly the case for Interac as it breaks from tradition to bring its latest project to a hybrid cloud model. Driving this decision was the company’s commitment to make mobile payments mainstream. A key element of the initiative is the Interac Token Service Provider (TSP), […]

Cloud cost reporting: more than just small change

InsightaaS: Analyst firms play many different roles in the IT industry. Most offer some level of opinion; some offer data, often instead of informed commentary. A select few are able to combine real research with perspective that helps companies to adopt and use leading-edge technologies. 451 Research is part of this select group. 451 the […]



TCBC Cloud Bootcamp take two

Figuring out the cloud is a challenge for many businesses. They can’t decide which of the many definitions applies, and how any of them can help the business. And that can mean paralysis by analysis, as debates among stakeholders hamstring the organization as a whole, while rogue groups quietly go ahead and profit from the […]

Forecasting the future of cloud

The final session at the Toronto Cloud Business Coalition’s cloud bootcamp was entitled “Open Forum: The Future of Cloud Technology.” In it, attendees – who, like TCBC itself, represented virtually every perspective available in the cloud community – were asked to “imagine that in 2021, we are having a discussion about the last five years of […]