What’s the buzz? And where do I find it? is committed to building active LinkedIn discussion groups in each of the areas that we cover! To date, we have the cloud and analytics and big data groups up and running, and over time, we’ll launch groups for collaboration, mobility, communications, compute and IT management and control as well.

If you want to see how these groups work, please visit or InsightaaS,com /Analytics group on LinkedIn

We’ll add other links as we populate them. Please drop us a line at if you want an invite to one or more of the groups when we launch!

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InaaS slash Analytics


Other social connections

LinkedIn is central to our strategy – but not the only way that InsightaaS is social! Here are some other links:

Our Twitter feed is here – we’ll use it to update you on what we’re covering, and for other observations when they can’t wait for a completed post

Our YouTube channel is here – it is updated each month with video coverage of events and interviews.

The Across the Net section of our site highlights third-party blog posts that we think are important. It’s at the bottom of each page on

Lastly – we have been building social links with other firms. Look around…you’ll find InsightaaS popping up all over!